Summer 2016 Desktop Wallpaper

Constant changes could be deemed to show instability in a business. Credo Immortals is growing and showing consistency in every release. Always attempting to better than the previous release. With that being said, I bring to you... Summer 2016

Spring Issue 01 Desktop Wallpaper

Immortality welcomes our new Spring Issue 01 release! To celebrate, and like usual we treat you to a free and new Desktop Wallpaper. Simply save this image and set it as your new wallpaper. Send us pictures of you using your new wallpaper!

Autumn Desktop Wallpaper

Enjoy this new desktop wallpaper for your PC or Mac. Simply save the image onto your computer and set as your desktop. Share with us your new wallpaper on Twitter and Instagram for special discount coupons.

Summer Desktop Wallpaper

Today we deliver our newest wallpaper to add to your collection. Make this yours today by simply clicking on the image and saving onto your computer. 

Also compatible with all iOS devices, and any smart phone available.

Desktop Wallpaper

Enjoy this awesome desktop wallpaper for all your devices. Simply click on the image and drag to your desktop. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @credoimmortals and hashtag #credoimmortals